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Smoked Salmon & Meats

Inverawe Classic Smoked Salmon
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Model: Inverawe Classic Smoked Salmon
100g pack.Truly traditionally smoked salmon follows a process that dates back some 2,500 to 3000 years. Fish was smoked slowly over smouldering oak logs in brick kilns. When we started smoking fish back in the 1970s our aim was to try and stick to the traditional smoking methods dating back as they ..
Rannoch Smokery Roast Smoked Wild Scottish Venison
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Model: Rannoch Smokery Roast Smoked Wild Scottish Venison
100g.The Rannoch Smokery Roast Smoked Wild Scottish Venison is taken from red deer who graze naturally on the wild grasses and heathers of the Scottish hillside. The venison is cured and smoked over whisky-infused oak chips by the Barclay family, who for over 25 years have innovatively smoked the fi..
Model: Tarbert Foods Arran Mustard Ham
Made using only specially selected pork, our Scottish leg of pork is slowly cured and hand coated in delicious Arran mustard, creating a distinctive tasting ham. Our range of cooked sliced meats are perfect for a range of snacks, including sandwiches, bagels, oatcakes and more. So whether it’s a lun..
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